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Bonus Essay - of poverty should be blasphemy Therefore by...

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Armand Hershowitz 1844292 – alh73 DSoc 101 Willie Baptist, formerly a homeless father but now a Scholar-in-Residence for the  acclaimed Poverty Initiative, preached a novel method for social change. Instead of  trying to ameliorate poverty, Willie advocates the end of poverty.  First of all, we must realize that whenever an individual attempts to change our social  structure, the ruling class perceive this as a threat and the individual is eliminated. For  example, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated when attempting to change the social  structure established by the ruling class. Therefore, in order to dethrone the ruling class;  the lower classes must unite. In our world today; the concepts of poverty, a poor class, and individuals in need are all  accepted. In an age where we can fly around the globe or travel to the moon; the notion 
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Unformatted text preview: of poverty should be blasphemy. Therefore, by reaching out to educational and religious institutions; we must imbed the notion that there should not be a poor class and teach the younger generations ways to fight this. Once individuals understand that the fight to end poverty is indeed pragmatic; it is necessary to get the poor involved. We can not rely on the ruling class (our government) to help the poor; because this is not in their interest. The individuals who head our government thrive because of the surplus value of labor which is why there is a struggling, poor class! Therefore, by giving the poor class the means to fight back, this constituency; a heavy majority of our population can indeed topple our social structure and distribute our society's resources more equitably....
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Bonus Essay - of poverty should be blasphemy Therefore by...

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