ESSAY 4 - Joan Cardenas Essay 4 Fiction Versus Reality...

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Joan Cardenas Essay 4 Fiction Versus Reality Throughout most fiction novels, one notices plots and ideas in books that happen or have the potential to happen in real life. These storylines also make the reader think, “Can this really occur,” or, “Oh my! This issue is closely related to this issue in the news.” Society’s social themes of beauty, marriage, and love are portrayed through the medium of fiction as seen in Fay Weldon’s The Life and Loves of a She-Devil . The main character named Ruth is a displaced homemaker who is fueled by her husband’s infidel actions and lack of respect for her to remake her body into what she thinks is a beautiful woman and to use her new look to win the love of her husband as well as many other men around her. Part of society believes that beauty is the source of power. The ideology is that if one is beautiful, one is seen with respect and desire. However, many individuals believe they are “ugly” and wish to have cosmetic surgery performed on their body. A Yale study was done to see what influences these decisions. Sandra G. Boodman, from the Washington Post writes in the Chicago Tribune , “Plastic surgeon John Persing and his colleagues found that 57 percent of patients, whose average age was 36, regularly watched one or more reality shows; only 12 percent said they had never seen one”(Boodman, “Plastic Surgery Patients Inspired By Makeover Shows”). As a result, one can conclude that the media plays a significant role in one’s ability to measure their self worth. Also, some people disregard the price for the procedure they have done. The pricing can go as low as one hundred sixty two dollars to as high as one thousand seven
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2 hundred eight dollars (A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Resource, “Plastic Surgery
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ESSAY 4 - Joan Cardenas Essay 4 Fiction Versus Reality...

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