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DSoc Final Essay - Armand Hershowitz 1844292 Final Exam...

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Armand Hershowitz – 1844292 DSOC101 – Section 7 Final Exam Essay America was constructed for people of any background and distinction to live in peace and harmony. America is not perfect; but its ruling class has allowed every citizen, regardless of their characteristics, the pursuit of wealth within our free enterprise system. Additionally, America hosts millions of social circles allowing individuals the right to pursue and choose their social status. Last but not least, our nation grants all individuals the right to assume any role within a family; regardless of gender. America is the first nation to grant their citizens “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” (Jefferson, 1776) Many critics point out the unfair aspects of our culture; for example Jon Kozol’s assertion in “Savage Inequalities” critiques our nation’s institutional disadvantages (Kozol, 1991). Nevertheless, this article blamed America because it hosts a poor educational system meanwhile there is hundreds of countries that don’t even have education systems! Our government’s most fundamental responsibility is to ensure the people “the pursuit of happiness” not ensure them happiness. Although a small percentage of our citizens control the majority of our economy; it is not their
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This essay was uploaded on 12/09/2007 for the course D SOC 101 taught by Professor Hirschl,t. during the Fall '06 term at Cornell.

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DSoc Final Essay - Armand Hershowitz 1844292 Final Exam...

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