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Civics Sect 3 moving toward nation hood

Civics Sect 3 moving toward nation hood - Term Definition...

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Term: Colonists and English had opposing views on_________. Why? Definition: Colonial Trade. They were supposed to trade only with England Term: Despite the differences the colonists still ________. Definition: Stayed loyal and helped England beat the French in the French and Indian war. Term: Colonists were angry with England because they believed they shouldn't be taxed without _______________. Definition: Representation. They believed their own representation should approve before they were taxed. They felt as if they were stealing their property. Term: Colonists called for ___________. They would meet in ___________. Their goal was to convince ______________. Definition: Congress. Philadelphia. Hoped to convince the English government to respect colonists rights, until England agreed they cut off all trade from England. Term: A year later the __________________ met. Already war between ______________ and __________ ___________. Definition: Second Continental Congress met. Massachusetts and English soldiers.
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Term: What did Patrick Henry do? Definition: Argued for independence Term: Who was Thomas Paine?
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