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Joan Cardenas Writing Composition English 015 10:00-10:50 October 29, 2007 Dr. Moreau = God? Throughout the H.G Wells’s novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau, the main character, Edward Prendick, encounters Dr. Moreau’s vivisected creations. Dr. Moreau orders these animals from Africa to be sent to his own secluded island where he can freely practice his experiments, which are considered to be taboo in England. By moving to this island, Moreau acts God-like in that he forbids Prendick from opening a certain door and tries to make man through plastic surgeries, hypnotism, and laws. Dr. Moreau is using these animals in his attempt to speed up evolution. He cuts and alters the animals’ physical traits to make their anatomy closer to that of humans. Prendick states during the one on one explanation of the experiments with Dr. Moreau, “The creatures I have seen were not men, had never been men. They were animals— humanised animals—triumphs of vivisection”(Wells, 74). Dr. Moreau is performing
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WritingComposition - Joan Cardenas Writing Composition...

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