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12-05-06 notes - John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry Came...

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John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry Came up with bizarre scheme to destroy slavery- wanted to seize control of Harper’s ferry arsenal Were going to give the arms to the slaves Bad plan and poor execution- Lee and a military regiment stopped them at the arsenal Harper’s Ferry was near Washington, Dc so the military arrived quickly John Brown brought to trial, and it horrified southerners o He came off articulate and intelligent- quoted verses from the bible, justified what he was doing o Southerners became worried that were lots of northerners who could all do the same thing o Papers even admitted that he had good intentions Movement towards succession gained strength as a result of this raid and the trial Numerous states began taking steps towards abolition as this point Cooper Union Lincoln gave a huge speech here Become a center for intellectual activity in NYC- currently a free school Republican party was strongest in New England and parts of New York People were pretty stunned by Lincoln’s size and demeanor, language People began to appreciate how sharp his mind was Had an important argument involving the founding fathers: Founding fathers had believed in the restriction of slavery There is no mention of the word slavery in the constitution Founding fathers assumed slavery would die of its own accord in a short space of timex Vast majority of founding fathers had voted at one time in favor of banning slavery Free territories was clearly the intention of the founding fathers Election of 1860 Democratic convention failed because the extreme democrats left the convention o They put forward their own candidate o Some people saw a crisis coming and put together a new presidential
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12-05-06 notes - John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry Came...

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