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Percom EMT-B Lesson 9

Percom EMT-B Lesson 9 - Term Definition base station any...

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Term: base station Definition: any radio hardware containing a transmitter and receiver that is located in a fixed place Term: cellular telephone Definition: a low power portable radio that communicates through an interconnected series of repeater stations called cells Term: channel Definition: an assigned frequency or frequencies that are used to carry voice and or data communications Term: close ended questions Definition: questions that can be answered in short or single word responses Term: communication Definition: the transmission of information to another person - verbally or through body language
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Term: cultural imposition Definition: when one person imposes his or her beliefs, values, and practices on another because he or she believe his or her ideals are superior Term: dedicated line Definition: a special telephone line that is used for specific point to point communications; also known as a hot line Term: documentation Definition: the written portion of the EMT's patient interaction.
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