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Middle Ages and The Renaissance

Middle Ages and The Renaissance - Term Definition Eddict of...

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Term: Eddict of Milan(313 AD) Definition: The decree of Caesar Constantine I (the Great) which legalized all world religions, making persecution of Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and Islamics illegal. Term: Pope Gregory I Definition: 6th century Pope who composed. collected, and standardized the order of Chant for the entire Roman Catholic Church Term: Libra Usualis Definition: The book of common prayer; The first book containing printed chant tunes using pictures ("Illuminations") and ancient "Name" notation (shape notes of the Greeks), believed to have been the work of Pope Gregory I. Term: Chant (Gregorian) Definition: the practice of singing monophonic prayers in Latin; Devoid of harmony and rhythm, sung by all men (monastery) or all women (convent)
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Term: Cantor Definition: the singer who intones (invites) the congregation (other monks or nuns) to join in the Gregorian chant during the mass. Term: Modes Definition: The ancient Medieval scales represented by any 8 consecutive white keys on the piano that were
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