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ADP 1-02

ADP 1-02 - Term Definition What does ADP 1-02 Operational...

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Term: What does ADP 1-02 Definition: Operational terms and military symbols Term: What is one of the most important elements of military forces ability to communicate when conducting operation Definition: A common set of doctrinal terms and military symbols. Term: How do you give shorter, and clearer orders that convey their information with greater speed and less risk of misunderstanding. Definition: By using plain, concise, and understandable language. Term: What is the principle of simplicity Definition: Increase the probability that plans and operations will be executed as intended by preparing clear, uncomplicated plans, and concise orders. Term: Where does the army community develops a common language of terminology and symbology Definition: Through standardized doctrine development processes
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Term: What is doctrine Definition: Fundamental principles by which the military forces guide their actions Term: What are the four publication types that doctrine 2015 will introduce to the army Definition:
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