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ADP 4-0

ADP 4-0 - Term Definition What ADP covers sustainment ADP...

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Term: What ADP covers sustainment Definition: ADP 4-0 Term: What are the principles of anticipated operational environment Definition: 1. US must project power into region opposed. 2. US must seize at least one base of operation. 3. Threats of WMD will require dispersal of us forces and decentralized operations. 4. Size of theater will exceed US control Term: What is sustainment of unified actions Definition: Joint interdependence, the purposeful reliance by the service forces on another service capabilities that allow the JFC flexibility, endurance, and operational reach Term: What are the elements of sustainment Definition: Logistics, personnel services, and health services
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Term: What are the principles of sustainability Definition: Integration, anticipation, responsiveness, simplicity, economy, survivability, continuity, and improvising Term: What is unified action Definition: Synchronization, coordination, and integration of activities Term: What is the theater army responsible for Definition:
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