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Epidemiology 1

Epidemiology 1 - Term Definition Define epidemiology Study...

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Term: Define epidemiology Definition: Study of how disease is distributed, and what factors determine the distribution Term: Uses of epidemiology Definition: Find out cause of disease, how to intervene disease,evaluate effectiveness of service, and create basis for policy. Term: 3 types of prevention Definition: Primary-not allowing disease to happen, Secondary, early detection, Tiertiary- reducing impact of disease Term: Process of handling infectious disease Definition: Find etiologic agent, reservoir, portal of exit, mode of transmission, portal of entry, suseptible host. Term: Endemic, epidemic, and pandemic Definition:
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Term: What can be reservoir Definition: Human, animal, environment Term: Herd immunity Definition: When a large portion of group is immune to a disease making it less likely that someone with disease will come into contact with susceptible host Term: Requirements for herd immunity Definition: Must be single host species, injections must produce solid immunity, and outbreaks occur in randomly mixed populations.
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