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Vocab. #'s 5-15 by: Drew Kuykendall

Vocab. #'s 5-15 by: Drew Kuykendall - Term Definition a...

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Unformatted text preview: Term: Definition: a model of the universe in which earth is the center of the revolving planets & stars. pg. 555 1 Term: Definition: a model of our solar system in which earth & other planets revolve around the sun. pg 556 2 Term: Definition: an oval shape which may be elongated or nearly circular pg. 557 3 Term: Definition: inertia the tendency of an object to resist a motion in an object pg. 552 Term: Definition: gravity a force that moves rocks and other materials downhill the force that pulls objects towards each other pg. 205,520 Term: Definition: the name given to the often four inner planets mercury,earth,venus and mars pg 556 4 Term: Definition: 5 Term: 6 Term: Definition: the process where heat is trapped in an atmosphere by water vapor,carbone dioxide,methane and other gases that form a "blanket" around earth the trapping of heat by the atmosphere pg. 411,569 Definition: the name given to the first four outer planets saturn neptune uranus jupiter pg. 575 7 Term: Definition: a loose connection of ice dust and rocky particles typically long narrow orbit of the sun pg. 585 8 Term: Definition: 9 rocky objects that are revolving around a sunhat are too small and numerous to be considered planets pg. 586 Term: Definition: 10 the region of the solar systems between the orbits of jupiter or mars where many asteroids are found pg. 586 Term: Definition: a chunk of rock or dust in space pg.533, 587 11 Term: Definition: a streak of light in the sky produced by a burning meteor in earths atmosphere pg 587 12 Term: Definition: meteorite a meteor that hits earths surface pg. 587 ...
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