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AEM 121- Final Paper
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Armand Hershowitz CU ID# 1844292 AEM 121 Net ID: Alh73 In a nation characterized by a free-enterprise system, any individual can succeed and any individual can fail. We all have the opportunity to climb through the ranks of society and strive to better ourselves. Specifically, entrepreneurs seize this opportunity and dedicate their lives to the pursuit of success. Joe DeSena, Cornell graduate of 1990, the Ex-Managing Director of Tullett Liberty Securities Group, and the founder and former CEO of Burlington Capital Markets has sacrificed and dedicated his whole life to the pursuit of success. When Joe DeSena was raised, he saw how his father’s life was in corporate shackles, with 20-hour workdays and few sick days. It was then at age six when he made a goal to amass all of his money before he got married. This way, unlike his father, he would be able to devote his life to his family. During this determined pursuit of immediate success, he learned a multitude of essential lessons on the way . At age eight, Joe was selling firecrackers on the streets of Queens! He mastered the ethics of arbitrage by buying the firecrackers at ten cents and selling them for thirteen cents! Then the DeSena family moved to Ithaca where Joe learned about the principles of supply and demand. Queens and Ithaca had the same demand curve, but Ithaca, a
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