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Components of Fitness

Components of Fitness - Term Definition Physical Fitness...

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Unformatted text preview: Term: Definition: Physical Fitness Ability to meet the demands of everyday activities without becoming short of breath, sore, or tired. Term: Definition: Strength The amount of force that muscles apply when they are used. Term: Definition: Endurance The ability to do activities for more than a few minutes, repeatedly. Term: Definition: Flexibility The ability to have a good range of movement at a joint. Term: Definition: Stretching Any activity that loosens muscles and joints. Term: Definition: Exercise Any physical activity that maintains or improves fitness. Term: Definition: 5 health-related components of physical fitness 1. Cardiovascular Fitness 2. Muscular Strength 3. Muscular Endurance 4. Flexibility 5. Body Composition Term: Definition: Cardiovascular Fitness Cardiovascular fitness (also known as cardiorespiratory fitness) is the ability of the heart, lungs and vascular system to deliver oxygen-rich blood to working muscles during sustained physical activity. Term: Definition: Muscular Strength Muscular strength is the amount of force a muscle or muscle group can exert against a heavy resistance. Term: Definition: Muscular Endurance Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to repeat a movement many times or to hold a particular position for an extended period of time. Term: Definition: Flexibility Flexibility is the degree to which an individual muscle will lengthen. Term: Definition: Body Composition Body composition is the amount of fat in the body compared to the amount of lean mass (muscle, bones etc.). Term: Definition: 6 skill-related components of fitness 1. Agility 2. Balance 3. Coordination 4. Power 5. Reaction Time 6. Speed Term: Definition: Agility The ability to change body positions quickly and keep the body under control when moving. Term: Definition: Balance The ability to keep the body in a steady position while standing and moving. Term: Definition: Coordination The ability of body parts to work together when you perform an activity. Term: Definition: Power The ability to combine strength with speed while moving. Term: Definition: Reaction Time The ability to move quickly once a signal to start moving is received. Term: Definition: Speed The ability to move all or a part of the body quickly. Term: Definition: Body Mass Index provides an indication of the appropriateness of your weight relative to your height. ...
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