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Biological Perspective

Biological Perspective - Term Definition Nervous System An...

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Term: Nervous System Definition: An extensive network of specialized cells that carries information to and from all parts of the body. Term: Neuroscience Definition: A branch of the life sciences that deals with the structure and function of neurons, nerves, and nervous tissue. Term: Biological Psychology Definition: Branch of neuroscience that focuses on the biological bases of psychological processes, behavior, and learning. Term: Neuron Definition: Basic cell that makes up nervous system and that receives and sends messages within that system. Term: Dendrites Definition: Branchlike structure that receive messages from other neurons.
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Term: Soma Definition: The cell body of the neuron responsible for maintaining the life of the cell. Term: Axon Definition: Tubelike structure that carries the neural message to other cells. Term: Glial Cells Definition: Cells that provide support for the neurons to grow on and around, deliver nutrients to neurons, produce
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