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ADP 1 - Term Definition What ADP covers The army ADP 1...

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Term: What ADP covers The army Definition: ADP 1 Term: What does it mean to be a professional Definition: Provide a unique and vital service to society provide service by applying expert knowledge and practice. Earns the trust of society because of their expertise. They self regulate by policing the practices of their members. Granted significant autonomy and discretion. Term: What is the army profession Definition: Experts certified in the application of land power, entrusted to defend the constitution and the American people Term: What is a army professional Definition: Member of the army profession who meets the army certification criteria of competence, commitment, and character
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Term: What are the army's certification criteria Definition: Competence, character, and commitment Term: What is the definition of competence Definition: Army professionals ability to accomplish their duties Term: What is character Definition: Adherence Army values, warrior ethos, discipline, empathy Term: What is commitment
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