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Myofascial release

Myofascial release - Term Definition Understanding the...

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Term: Understanding the concept behind myofascial releases requires Definition: An understanding of the fascia system itself Term: Fascia is a densely woven,specialized system of Definition: Connective tissue that covers and unites all all of the body's components .the result is a system where each part is connected to the other parts through this web of tissue Term: Essentially the purpose of the fascia is to Definition: Surround and support bodily structures,which provides stability as well as a cohesive direction for the line of pull of muscle groups Term: For example,the fascia surrounding the quadriceps keeps this muscle group contained in Definition: The anterior compartment of the thigh (stability)and orients the muscle fibers in a vertical direction so that the line of pull is more effective at extending the knee
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Term: In a normal healthy state, Definition: Fascia has a relaxed and wavy configuration .it has the ability to stretch and move without restriction Term:
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