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ADP 3-07

ADP 3-07 - Term Definition What ADP covers stability ADP...

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Term: What ADP covers stability Definition: ADP 3-07 Term: What are the 5 stability task Definition: Establish civil security, establish civil contol, support to governance, support to economic and infrastructure development, restore essential services Term: What are the five joint stability functions Definition: Security, rule of law, humanitarian assistance, governance and participation, economic stabilization and infastrucure Term: What are the 5 end state goals for stability Definition: Safe and secure environment, established rule of law, social well being, stable governance, sustainable economy Term: What are the 4 principles of stability Definition: Conflict transformation, unity of effort, legitimacy, building partner capacity
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Term: What is the intent of stability Definition: To Create a condition the local populace finds legitimate, acceptable, and predictable Term: What creates instability Definition: Decreased support for the government, increased support for anti government, undermining normal
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