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1. The ultimate public opinion poll is… Voting booth on election day 2. General agreement among the citizenry on an issue is… Consensus (opinion) 3. Most views that are expressed as political opinions are acquired… Through process of political socialization 4. Concerning political socialization, most studies show that most… (people vote with their party/party ID) 5. Research suggests that the clearest legacy of the influence of the family on political socialization is… Political party identification 6. Generally, the more education a person receives… the higher level of political activity/ more they agree w/democrats/understand political issues/shift left liberal direction 7. Peer groups are most likely to influence political attitudes when… they are involved directly in political activities 8. Liberals are most commonly understood to embrace… a national government solutions to public problems (Oppose government action on both economic and social issues) 9. Conservatives are most commonly understood to embrace… solutions by the private sector for public problems traditional ideals and life choices, and a cautious response to change. (Favor government action to promote traditional values and to promote economic equality) 10. Election research indicates the number of Americans who could be identified as ideologues is… less than 10% (2/3) 11. An interest group is… Organized group of individuals sharing common objectives who actively seek to influence policy makers in all branches and levels of government; steer government from outside 12. People who become members of interest groups for solidarity incentives are joining… companionship & sense of belonging 13. People who become members of interest groups for material incentives are joining… tangible rewards , discounts 14. Direct lobbying techniques used by interest groups include…
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