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1 Week 2 Tests Week 2 Tests
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2 Week 2 Tests Class Packet, Chapter 5 Quiz Questions 1. T /F Multiple dimensions of learning are necessary to appreciate the different facets to be considered when strategizing instruction. P. 17 2. Good educators can use the Matrix in many ways. These include: A. To help teacher document a student’s negative behaviors B. To create a positive learning environment C. To learn karate and fight the man D. To help in asking questions in relation to planning p. 18 3. The four dimensions of education that make up the Learning-Teaching Cycle are: A. Assessment, planning, implementing and evaluation p.17 B. Assessment, modeling, implementing, and evaluation C. Academics, planning, implementing and evaluation D. Assessment, planning, redirection, and evaluation Class Packet, Chapter 7 Quiz Questions 4. T /F Before the lesson is prepared, the teacher should have a clear idea of what the objectives are. P. 29 5. Teaching/presentation include: A. Input, Modeling, and Checking for Errors B. Output, Modeling, and Checking for Understanding C. Input, Reorganizing, and Checking for Understanding D. Input, Modeling, and Checking for Understanding p. 30 6. T /F Once students have grasped the content you want to begin providing reinforcement practice. P. 30 Class Packet, Chapter 8 Quiz Questions 1. T/ F Cooperative is one of the worst tools we can use to help students learn, build social skills, and become critical thinkers. P. 32 2. Cooperative learning involves the application of _______ to the classroom. A. Small group dynamics p. 32 B. Corporal discipline C. Large group instruction D. Guided practice 3. The _______ structures the learning goals for the class. A. Students B. Principal C. Teacher p. 33 D. Parent Class Packet, Chapter 9 Quiz Questions 1. T /F Whether a lesson plan is Linear or Disconnected the teacher still needs to consider the order in which things are presented. P. 39 2. A linear lesson plan provides ___________.
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