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Midterm Review Guide - Geography 1111L Introduction to...

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Geography 1111L: Introduction to Physical Geography Lab Midterm Review Study Guide (The important thing is that you know what the question is asking you and how to answer similar questions, not just memorizing how to answer the examples) From Lab Exercise 1: Latitude, Longitude, and Time Definitions: 1. Latitude runs east to west, measures north to south 2. Longitude runs north to south, measures east to west 3. Great Circle center coincides with center of the earth 4. Small Circle centers do not coincide 5. Meridian line connecting points of the same longitude 6. Prime Meridian determines east/west direction of longitude 7. Parallel line connecting points of same latitude 8. Equator Label the following locations on the globe below: Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle. Next to your labels, indicate the latitudinal locations in degrees . Next draw an example of a great and small circle. Label the diagram below (as seen from above the North Pole): Eastern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, prime meridian, International Date Line, Athens GA— include the longitude of each (in degrees).
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Be able to locate cities on a world map using their geographic coordinates—you can practice this with a globe or the mapping tools found on WebCT. Using the map above, be able to figure out what time it is in different cities when it is a particular time in another city. For example, if it is 10:00 AM Friday in Los Angeles (zone U on map), what time is it in London (zone A)? If there is a difference of 15° of longitude for each hour of time, how much difference in
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Midterm Review Guide - Geography 1111L Introduction to...

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