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Physics Exp. Work and Energy

Physics Exp. Work and Energy - Work and Energy Phys 104 444...

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Work and Energy Phys 104 444 and TA: Pengyi Zhang February 21, 2008 Sheryl Payne Partner: Ben Wright The work presented in this report is my own, and the data were obtained by my lab partner and myself during the lab period. __________________
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Abstract The purpose of this experiment is to compare he energy of a system during different phases and examine the validity of the work-kinetic energy theorem: = W ∆K . The work done on the object, the kinetic energy of the object, along with the work done by gravity is analyzed in this experiment. Also, the spring’s elastic potential energy is analyzed to assess the motion of the ball, which is launched vertically by a compressed spring. In part one of the experiment, the force required to compress the spring in the launcher a given distance from its relaxed length is determined by placing a plunger inside the barrel of the launcher and adding mass inside the plunger. The distance of compression is measured and plotted on a graph of force vs. displacement in order to find k and its uncertainty from the slope. In part two, the gravitation potential energy is measured by launching the ball vertically into the air and recording the maximum height of the ball when launch from the short, medium, and long range positions. In part three, two photogates were used to measure the speed of the ball as it leaves the launcher from the three launching positions. It was found that energy is conserved in this experiment and energy is conserved in all systems. This knowledge can be applied to various other aspects of life and can be used in engineering, chemistry, and biology.
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Physics Exp. Work and Energy - Work and Energy Phys 104 444...

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