Physics exp. Uniform Circular Motion

Physics exp. Uniform Circular Motion - Uniform Circular...

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Uniform Circular Motion Phys 104 444 and TA: Pengyi Zhang February 28, 2008 Sheryl Payne Partner: Ben Wright The work presented in this report is my own, and the data were obtained by my lab partner and myself during the lab period. Sheryl Payne Abstract The purpose of this lab was to show the principles behind centripetal force and centripetal acceleration. The goal was to show that the centripetal force could be found by measuring the period and the static mass that was required to bring the rotating mass to the equilibrium position (the radius). The physics principles being studied also include angular speed and how the object in motion has a constant speed along the circular path. The first thing that was done was measuring the rotating mass and an initial static mass. The rotating mass was then placed on the apparatus as well as the static mass. The spring was adjusted until the rotating mass was located at the radius. Once the adjustments were made, the rotating mass was removed and the apparatus was turned on. It was sped up and slowed down until an orange indicator disc rested in the center of the orange indicator bracket. Then the period was recorded five times. Unlike what the lab report requests, this was done for five different static masses and at five different r values. r is the distance of the slide post assembly from
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the center post assembly. This lab’s results showed that by adding more weight to bring an object to the radius position, the period would decrease and the force would go up. The results also of the experimental rotating masses and the actual rotating mass, 0.209 ±0.004 agreed . This shows that the
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Physics exp. Uniform Circular Motion - Uniform Circular...

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