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poli sci study guide

poli sci study guide - POLS 1101 American Government Spring...

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1 POLS 1101: American Government Spring 2008 Study Guide for Test #1 You will have 50 minutes to complete the test. It will include 16 multiple choice items (2 points each = 32) and 6 fill-in items (3 points each = 18) similar to those in quizzes and on the textbook web site. In addition, three of the five essays below will be on the test; you will answer one (50 points). Sample Essays 1. How did the Framers of the Constitution view democracy? How are their expectations and values reflected in the Constitution? p. 36 - they opposed a direct democracy because our country is too large. they favored a republic because they believed the government should be based on the consent of the people organized system, how they wanted it to work – branches. thought it would work better with a bigger population, 196 million people. federalist papers – limits powers of corrupt men. competition is necessary so it always counteracts ambition? always competing so there’s never a depression. flexibility of the constitution reflects giving the people power – they have the power to interpret it.
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