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Synopsis of the Odyssey Classics 121, Fall 2007 Book 1. Athene (in disguise) visits his son Telemachos on Ithaka, where he is helpless in the midst of a crowd of importunate young nobles who want Penelope to marry one of themselves, now that her husband is presumed dead in, or after, the war at Troy; she urges him to assert himself against the Suitors and to go in search of news of his father. Book 2. Telemachos calls an assembly of leaders and asks for help, but he gets help only from Athene (again in disguise) and so sets off by ship to visit Nestor. Book 3. Nestor receives him hospitably but does not know what happened to Odysseus after he left Troy; he urges Telemachos to go on to Sparta to seek help from Menelaos. Book 4. In Sparta Telemachos is entertained by Menelaos and Helen and learns more of his father. Book 5. (Back to Odysseus) The gods tell the nymph Kalypso to let Odysseus go; he builds a boat with his own hands and sets off, only to be wrecked in a terrific storm unleashed on him by
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