Ajax synopsis

Ajax synopsis - Synopsis of Sophocles' Ajax 1-133 Prologue:...

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Synopsis of Sophocles’ Ajax 1-133 Prologue: Odysseus arrives at Ajax’ shelter, tracking him as the presumed killer of the Achaeans’ captured flocks. Athena appears (on roof of skene , visible to the audience but not seen by Odysseus) and explains to him that Ajax meant to kill the Achaean leaders-- because he had not been awarded Achilles’ arms; she has deluded him. She calls Ajax out and demonstrates his delusion to Odysseus. 134-200 Parodos: (Anapaestic section for the Chorus’ entrance: 134-171; then sung stanzas; Tecmessa joins in [with anapaests] at 201, and the Choral song continues as kommos to 261.) Ajax’ sailors enter, worried by spreading rumours of their leader’s guilt in the slaughter of the flocks; they hope he will defend himself. Tecmessa emerges from the shelter and tells them of the slaughtered beasts within; they tell her what they have heard of the killing of the flocks--and their guards. 261-595 1st Episode: Tecmessa tells the Chorus what she knows of the night before: Ajax’ secret mission, his return with animals and killing of them, then his coming to his senses and despairing. Ajax is then disclosed [ ekkylema ?] among the bodies of slaughtered animals, and he and the Chorus join in a kommos
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Ajax synopsis - Synopsis of Sophocles' Ajax 1-133 Prologue:...

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