H&Q Unit 16 Ex. I KEY

H&Q Unit 16 Ex. I KEY - KEY for H&Q Unit 16 Exercise I...

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1. Y’all believe that Socrates suffered many bad things. 3. We said that we would never be slaves to men. 5. Each man said he would go aboard that ship in the harbour. 7. Would that neither Zeus nor the other gods save those who betrayed the people! 9. Don’t say that Zeus is not (= doesn’t exist). 11. a) They perceived that the hoplites were doing wrong. b) The hoplites perceived that they (the hoplites) were doing wrong. 13. What sort of things has this man done? For whatever sort of things any man does, he will be of this sort in soul . 15. We went down to the sea so that we might see the ships of the barbarians. 17. Men of Athens, if y’all deem Socrates worthy of death, the prudent, at least, will never think that y’all did the just thing. 19. Did you hear Socrates saying that it is difficult for a human being to know himself? 21. (Y’all) expel from the theater the poet who said that we choose bad generals!
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