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August 23, 2007 I. What is Women’s Studies? a. Feminism is a social movement; b. Women’s Studies is an academic discipline c. “words are important for women’s studies” i. From whose perspective ? ii.ex: Love Monkey by Kyle Smith d. Women’s Studies is about women i. But what do we mean by “women”? e. Some women are included in the University curriculum, but this wasn’t always so i. For example: think 1976: UC Berkeley 1. Women’s studies was starting but only on the undergraduate level 2. No women authors were on the MA of PhD exams; 2 explanation: a. There weren’t any women authors b. There wasn’t any room on the list for 2 nd rate authors; no “great” women authors f. Initial task of Women’s Studies: to add women to the curriculum i. To ADD WOMEN to literary cannon, historical record, reading lists, and syllabi
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Unformatted text preview: ii.MAKE WOMEN MORE VISIBLE iii.Move women to the center iv.Correct an andocentric bias g. 2 nd task of Women’s Studies: the change the evaluative curricula i. Take women’s issues and perspectives seriously ii.Ask new questions iii.Recognize that women are socially constructed h. The goal of Women’s Studies is two-fold i. To assess and analyze women’s position historically ii.To work to change to improve it i. Women’s Studies means empowerment for women j. “The Politics of Black Women’s Studies” i. Women’s Studies is taking a political position: women should be fully represented in the university curriculum (ALL women) ii.Double oppression of black women: SEXISM and RACISM iii.Need to overcome stereotypes: 1. Black women as illiterate 2. Black women as sexually available...
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