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August 30, 2007 I. “Why Feminism? Because the goal… [is] a world which is a better place not just for some women but for all women… and a far better place for men and boys.” –Lynne Segal II. “I am a feminist” versus “I advocate feminism” III. Simone de Beauvoir, “Introduction” to The Second Sex a. What is “woman”? i. Women are women because they are “in a situation”, a social situation 1. “one is not born, but rather, becomes a woman” 2. Sex: biological make-up of the sexes 3. Gender: socialization; how female-sexed bodies are make into women and how male-sexed bodies are make into men 4. Freud, “Essay on Femininity” (1933): The first question one asks is “Male or female?” ii. Women are defined as THE OTHER. Man is the positive and the neutral, woman the negative iii. Women are defined as the SECOND SEX. He’s FIRST, she’s SECOND and hence, inferior b. Myth of the eternal feminine: i. Naturally women are frail, delicate, subservient, in need of protection, etc
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Unformatted text preview: c. The ultimate problem is a double bind (p. xxix) i. Woman as subject (independent) BUT compelled socially to assume the status of the OTHER (dependent, secondary) IV. Egalia’s Daughters a. PART ONE: how wim and menwim are made in Egalia b. PART TWO: how masculists begin to question the assumptions of part one c. Goal: social justive i. “A society in which all are valued as huwom beings” d. Importance of languge: i. The NONSEXIST Word Finder: A Dictionary of Gender-Free Usage ii. Men/women – wim/menwim iii. Fele/mafele iv. Housebound v. Fatherhood protection = a form of marriage e. Story of adolescence: i. Petronus becoming a manwom: 1. NO CHOICES besides fatherhoos protection 2. Requirement for ideal “manwom: is limiting 3. Why can’t he be a diver? a. He the wrong sex b. No adequate diving suit...
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