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final exam study guide - WOMEN'S STUDIES 101 FINAL EXAM...

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W OMEN S  S TUDIES  101 F INAL  E XAM  S TUDY  G UIDE 1. “Lusting for Freedom,” Rebecca Walker – “the suppression of sexual agency and exploration, from within or from without, is often used as a method of social control and domination”; “Without being able to respond to and honor the desire of our bodies and our selves, we become ct off from our instincts for pleasure, dissatisfied living under rules and thoughts that are not our own”; Walker talks of the taboo revolving the sex lives of females; women claiming their sexuality; her point is that women need to claim their own sexuality *IS THIS “BECOMING A WOMAN” IN A NEW SENSE VS. SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR “BECOMING A WOMAN”?* 2. “Chicana Lesbians: Fear and Loathing in the Chicana community,” Carla Trujillo – “the vast majority of Chicano heterosexuals receive Chicana lesbians as a threat to the community”; “their existence disrupts the established order of male dominance, and raises the consciousness of many Chicanas regarding their own independence and control”; Chicana lesbians do not fit into the picture of dominant male and submissive female: it rejects compulsory heterosexuality, refuses to compete for men, confronts/defines own sexuality, CHALLENGES norms/roles imposed upon her 3. “Homophobia and Sexism,” Suzanne Pharr – “to be a lesbian has as many ramifications as for a woman to be heterosexual. It is more than sex… it is a woman-centered life with all the social interconnections that entails”; is female sexuality: rooted in body or biology, a psychological/emotional quality, a physiological response, a chosen behavior, a core identity; remember Ruth Hubbard, “Rethinking Women’s Biology”: women’s biology as a social construct; “heterosexism creates the climate for homophobia with its assumption that the world is and must be heterosexual and its display of power and privilege as the norm. heterosexism is the systemic display of homophobia in the institutions of society” 4. Film Clip, “Living with Pride: Ruth Ellis” – elderly black lesbian in Chicago celebrating her 100 th birthday 5. “I Lost it at the Movies,” Jewelle Gomez – coming out to mother and grandmother and being accepted for being a lesbian; “being a black woman and a lesbian unexpectedly blended… and my desire became a part of my heritage, my skin, my perspective, my politics, and my future” 6. “Loving Another Woman,” Anne Koedt – she is in love with a person , not a woman; interview with a lesbian and her relationship with another woman; 7. “Livin’ in a Gay Family,” Megan McGuire – accounts of a teenager dealing with her mother’s homosexuality by hiding it from her friends and making cruel jokes with them about homosexuals (using the words “queer”, “fag”, “dyke” etc) 8. “The Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention” – Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions; the Declaration of Independence for women’s rights and solutions to societal problems regarding
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final exam study guide - WOMEN'S STUDIES 101 FINAL EXAM...

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