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October 2 - 1 Language 2 Sexuality 3 Ethnicity d “A White...

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ne Gone: can Cynara change her: class or color? October 2, 2007 I. ONGOING QUESTION: a. What is “woman”? i. Simone de Beauvoir ii. Object of study in women’s studies II. GENDER: Egalia’s Daughters; RACE: The Wind Done Gone ; ETHNICITY: “La Guera”, “A White Woman of Color”; CLASS: “Tired of Playing Monopoly?”, “Age, Race, Class, and Sex: Women Redefining Difference” (“It is not… misnaming of them.” –Audre Lorde, AHC p. 51) III. All factors must be considered together when defining “women” a. Intersecting features b. Interlocking oppressions IV. Questions like “is Lady black or white?” are insufficient a. Kathe Sandler’s ID in “A Question of Color” V. What is class? a. How does it define “women”? b. Class defined by: i. Money: economic status 1. Culture: ideas, behavior, attitudes, values c. “La Guera” (Cherrie Moraga) i. Class complicated by:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Language 2. Sexuality 3. Ethnicity d. “A White Woman of Color” (Julia Alvarez) i. Class complicated by: 1. Language 2. Ethnicity 3. Location e. “Sisters” (Barbara Neely) i. Class determined by: 1. Money 2. Economic security/safety net 3. Connections 4. Access to information/resources 5. Knowing how the system works 6. Range of choices f. “Working Class and Jewish” (Bernice Mennis) i. Class versus your attitude towards it ii. Shame versus pride iii. Class determine: 1. Expectations 2. Confidence 3. Sense of belonging To have “made it” economically versus feeling you have “made it” 4. “How white I look” versus “How colored I feel” 5. The way she talks, cooks, acts, is “colored” 6. P. 162 – “It’s not the color of my skin” but “the color of my mind” - Cynara...
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October 2 - 1 Language 2 Sexuality 3 Ethnicity d “A White...

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