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September 11 - b. How scientists describe these actions 2....

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September 11, 2007 I. “Dear Lisa” a. Women have to overcome their status as “women” (Simone de Beauvoir) b. Mixed messages: i. Girls told they could do anything, but in reality, they are restricted because of gender c. Role of language: i. Attorney addressed as “young lady” but male attorney by his name II. Construction of Femininity and Masculinity a. GENDER = ways we conceive of masculinity and femininity; and is socially constructed, not natural III. WHAT ABOUT GENDER AND SCIENCE? a. Bodies as natural? Behaviors social? b. Can bodies be socially constructed? c. Two examples: i. Chinese medicine 1. Diseases treated differently 2. Body seen as a system of pathways but not organs ii. French beef 1. Meat is cut ”naturally” following muscle structure, but is different from in the US d. Issue is not what CONSTITUTES male/female bodies but how we interpret them: i. “The Egg and the Sperm” – Emily Martin 1. Relation between: a. What the egg and sperm do
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Unformatted text preview: b. How scientists describe these actions 2. Martin’s goal: to wake up the sleeping metaphors of science (the damsel in distress and the knight to the rescue) 3. Passive egg, active sperm a. Key is the value assigned to passive and active b. Egg degenerates, wasteful; sperm produces 4. New data, same descriptions 5. Suggests alternative language e. Egalia’s Daughters i. Fandango, p. 145 1. Speaks of language as oppressive a. Menwim are derived from wim ii. Britobert, p. 106 1. Doesn’t have value; feels like an appendage to the stove iii. Value of wim’s biology 1. Palace of birth, p. 129 a. Ceremony in public b. “mighty nakedness” c. Queen-like regalia iv. Wim of science, p. 19 1. Work to reveal all of nature’s injust aspects 2. Requires deep insight into oppression and not biology v. Significance of Petronius as a “mafele seawom” (p. 111)...
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September 11 - b. How scientists describe these actions 2....

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