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September 25 - ii What columns mean(original 12 “dark”...

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September 25, 2007 TWO ISSUES: FAMILY AND COLOR I. Gone with the Wind a. No racial cross-overs b. Whites are extremely white c. Class is correlated with knowledge d. Blacks are stereotyped and invisible II. The Wind Done Gone a. “What if..” story i. Slaves knew more than whites b. Jeems at the edge of the picture, p. 83 c. Cartoon of Jefferson Davis and black senator p. 114 d. SIGNIFICANCE? i. People of color are subordinate , they are invisible, but when in power, they are a concern to be reckoned with ii. conflict between black and white; cannot coexist iii. Wind Done Gone argues that lines between black and white are blurred and in some cases, nonexistent e. “Shifting the Center” i. Randall has shifted the center of race, class, and gender ii. Question of knowledge: p. 65 “dark eyes see everything on a place like this” f. What WHITES don’t see/know: i. Miss Priss isn’t stupid, p. 62
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Unformatted text preview: ii. What columns mean (original 12 “dark” men), p. 55 iii. The graves were switched; Garlic has arranged marriage between Planter and Lady, p. 49 iv. Slavery makes full knowledge impossible for whites: “she who ain’t free not to love, ain’t free to love”, p. 103 g. Slavery complicates issues of family and blood h. What makes a family? How does one know? P. 133, “mamalady” i. Lady as perfect, delicate southern lady, p. 102 j. Revelation: Lady as part black, p. 124 i. SIGNIFICANCE? 1. “Of course the mammy knows.” P. 125 2. Lady’s letter to P: “I wish I did not know what I know now. I wish I was not what I am now,” p. 125 ii. Has Lady become a different woman? 1. A “black white lady”? 2. Like Julia Alvarez’s “white woman of color”? 3. “one drop” rule...
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