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Diviya Agrawal 11/25/07 “Stand By Me” 1. Description of the basic story : The story of “Stand By Me” begins with the audience meeting the four main characters who are having a get together in their tree-house. The fours kids are all 12 years old and are at the end of their last summer in 1959 before beginning middle school. Each character has their own family history that is revealed as the boys go on an adventure. One of the boys, Vern, overhears that the dead body of a missing boy is hidden somewhere in the woods. The boys decide to go on a two day trek to find the dead body. Gordie, Chris, Vern, and Teddy each have insecurities which are shown through different flashbacks or breakdowns. Gordie is a scrawny bookworm who will never compare to his dead, football star older brother in the eyes of his parents. Chris is a tough kid who is abused at home and does not believe he has a future for himself and is doomed to end up like his father. Vern is the slightly overweight tag-along who gives into the pressures his friends place on him in fear of people making fun of him (which they do anyway). Teddy is the weird boy whose father was in World War Two and came back shell-shocked and loony. Teddy has to endure people making fun of his father and the fact that his father burnt Teddy’s ear on a stove. Together they find the strength to face their fears of the future and the idea that each person inevitably has control of their own life, not their parents. 2. Developmental Aspects
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Stand By Me - Diviya Agrawal "Stand By Me" 11/25/07 1....

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