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Global Warming Paper - Diviya Agrawal Global Warming Paper...

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Diviya Agrawal 9/14/07 Global Warming Paper Global warming is a very crucial problem throughout the world because eventually it will affect everyone. If, as the Stern Review predicts, the world’s average temperature rises over 2 degrees Celsius by the year 2035, there will be serious consequences on the world in every way imaginable. As the temperature rises it will be harder and more expensive to sustain our planet. Sustainability is the act of maintaining our world economically, socially, and physically by fairly and mindfully living within means that will keep our planet running indefinitely. This can mean unplugging your surge protector at night, reusing plastic bags, driving hybrid cars, traveling by plane less, or living in a cave. Sustainability must begin by slowing both climate change and population growth. Climate change refers to the recent “records that indicate that 11 out of the past 12 years are the warmest since reliable records began around 1850” (The Physical Science behind Climate Change, 2). Without effectively sustaining the climate, the environment will be affected dramatically. The effects of a rising temperature on water are a major concern for the future. As the temperature increases, mountain glaciers’ rainfall will increase and snowfall will decrease (The Physical Science behind Climate Change). Therefore the glaciers will continue shrinking in size and less fresh water will be available to places such as Asia, which get their water from rivers flowing from these glaciers (The Physical Science behind Climate Change). The shortage of freshwater will start affecting poorer countries first, where usually there is already water scarcity. Having a shortage of water will cause a chain of negative results. Firstly, the water needed to grow crops will not be available and therefore create food shortages. Food shortages will cause famine and death. If crops are not growing, farmers and those who depend on the farmers will lose their jobs and have to move. Another damaging affect will be water’s effect as it melts. For one, the ice turned water will become darker and absorb more heat which will add to global warming, also called the albedo affect (The Physical Science behind Climate Change). More importantly sea levels will rise as the water expands. Rising sea levels and temperature will cause much aquatic life to suffer and possibly die out. Fishing
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Global Warming Paper - Diviya Agrawal Global Warming Paper...

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