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sustainable - about what I said I also plan to influence my...

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Diviya Agrawal 12/17/07 After reading Low Carbon Diet, it really hit me that even by changing a few everyday habits, a real difference can be made in carbon emissions. In my everyday life I plan to reuse water bottles, turn off my surge protector, keep my laptop on sleep mode, buy less clothing, take 5 minute showers, eat more local foods, eat fewer animal by- products, and do my laundry only when necessary. Each of things will make my ecological footprint smaller and save me money. During the next four years and beyond, I also plan to carry a positive attitude about global warming. Just yesterday after studying with some peers for a sociology midterm, one boy said in a joking manner “The world is coming to an end, we are all screwed and there’s nothing we can do.” A few seconds later I responded with “You know, that’s not true. There are tons of small things that you can do every day to help with climate change.” He didn’t respond to my disagreement, but I know he’ll think
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Unformatted text preview: about what I said. I also plan to influence my friends and family to be more sustainable. Whenever we go shopping for groceries I force my parents to buy local and organic foods. I also make them take shorter showers and to walk when possible. When I am with my friends and they litter I yell at them, a lot. They now tell me that they won’t litter…when I’m around at least. My roommate has been doing her laundry 2-3 times a week and I finally got the courage to tell her she needs to stop. She was really thrown aback, but she hasn’t done her laundry since! I am really glad that I took this course. I feel that it kind of brainwashed me to think about being sustainable all the time, but that’s a good thing. I really do believe that we can save this planet and I plan to do all I can as I go on with my life in favor of sustainability. I even told my family all I want for Christmas are adopted animals from the world wildlife fund....
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