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dance study guide test 2

dance study guide test 2 - What did Pop Master Fable violet...

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What did Pop Master Fable – violet gang culture Grandfather of hip hop – DJ Cool Herc (Bronks) – from Jamaica (dance halls) The break beat – percussion section of a song where people danced Danced to funk and soul Created the extended break – two turn tables, vocalize to the crowd ELEMENTS OF HIP HOP B boy/B girl -- Beat, break, or Branks MC - poet DJ – music director Graffiti – visual artist Grandfather 2: Afrika Bembada (BAM) Gang leader of the savage 7 (spades) Battle w/ DJ Cool Herc and flash Displacement of violence into arecreational way Created the zooloonation Bible and Koran, no white supremacy, racism Created B Boy crew – the Shaka Zoolo Kings In California in the 1970’s: Funk dancers – Funk Movement Coined the term hip-hop: BAM (80’s) – started late 60s early 70s Electric Boogaloos – Sam Boggaloo Sam Soloman – Soul Train – Funk Movement Also created popping – muscle contraction individually Locking created by Don Campbell Lock Rock Steady Crew : Mister Wiggles and Pop Master Fable both members (1977), strongest in NY crews, members were
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