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Name _____________________________________________________ Chapter 18 Investigation Worksheet To complete this worksheet, see the instructions in the textbook (Chapter 18 Investigation). Table 1: Stratigraphic Section and Your Interpretation of the Environments of Deposition Read the description of each rock unit and interpret in what environment each unit formed. Write the first letter of the appropriate environment in the left column of this table. Possible environments of deposition include: beach and sandy delta (B), freshwater lake (F), lagoon that is shallow and muddy (L), narrow sea (with a limited connection with the ocean) and very saline water (N), reef (R), and wetland and swamp that is muddy and plant-rich (W). Upper Shale: Carbon beds: Tan Mtn. Sandstone: Muddy Shale: Lower Sandstone: Lower Limestone: Salt:
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Chapter 18 Investigation Worksheet; page 2 Table 2. Identification of Geologic Structures and Energy Resource Sites Write the name for each type of geologic structure indicated below. Possible structures include the following: anticline, syncline, monocline, normal fault, reverse fault, salt dome, and unconformity.
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