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Name ________________________________ Chapter 16 Investigation Worksheet To complete this worksheet, see the instructions in the textbook (Chapter 16 Investigation). Table 1: Discharge Calculations Profile Event Width (m) Depth (m) Velocity (m/sec) Calculated Discharge m 3 /sec Fill the notch and flood the bottomland 9 m 5 m 0.7 m/sec Additional needed to flood middle terrace 51 m 3 m 2.0 m/sec Total needed to flood middle terrace Add discharges from above Table 2. Discharge Data and Graph Plot your calculated discharge results on this graph. First find the position of that discharge on the vertical axis of the graph. Draw a horizontal line from that value to the right until you intersect the probability line (which slopes from lower left to upper right). From the point of intersection, draw a vertical line down to the horizontal axis of the graph and read off the corresponding chance of exceedance (probability of flooding) on the horizontal axis. The
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