TD301 NOTES for EXAM 3

TD301 NOTES for EXAM 3 - 11-7-07Spotlight on Theatrical...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-7-07Spotlight on Theatrical Labor IIDesigners, Choreographers, Dramaturge and actorsREVIEW SESSION: Thursday 7-8 pm, Winship 2.112ANYTHING THAT IS COVERED IN SECOND UNIT IS ON THE TESTNO TEST QUESTIONS ARE DIRECTED FROM THE GAY, LESBIAN DRAMA READINGMAJOR IDEAS OF THE COMPANIES WILL BE MENTIONEDKNOW THE PEOPLE ON THE GOLDEN AGE THEATERDesigners: Some TypesSets (anything that is physically onstage that helps create the world excludes props)Lighting (anything that has to do with lighting of the people on the stage. Involved very early on in the process. Responsible for creating the world of the play, including the mood. Have to think about how the lights reflect on the costumes or on the set, involves lots of expensive instruments)Sound (music, foley artist person who produces the sound effects that need to be produced, often not doing the sound you think youre hearding etc.)Technical (responsible for coordinating the sets, lights, and sounds. Problem Solving person)Costumes (responsible for anything the actor is wearing onstage. Think about color pallet of the show. Gets visual feel of the moment and the life)oIf it is jewelry that is just workin the production, then its costumeAll working in conjunction with the director, crafting conceptChoreographerPerson who create dance compositionsPlans and arranges movements and patternsThree major categotiiesoDance/performances *in this case: doubging as direcoMusical Theater/opera (combingin script, mucic, adnace)oIn this case: usually not the director , but can he)Movemement director for other kinds of performances,= but not necessary \ lyinvolving formal dance (sometimes director, sometimes not)DramaurgSomeone who specializes in the structure of playFrom the Greek: dramatourgia, aThree Major Branches:Production DramaturgoResearch The world for the playoAttending rehearsalsDirectors rounding boardOffer text-based suggestions/observationsoProviding context for the audienceProgram notes1Lobby displayPost or pre-show discussionsCollaborate with education departmentsDevelopmental DramaturgoAll about relationshipsOne on one work with writersReadings (getting together and having actors read play)Workshops (lets playwrights see if the play is coming together right)Involving the audienceFacilitating productive feedbackoPlay Nanny, MidwifeInstitutional Dramaturg (AKA: Literary Manager)oOn salary at an institutionoSeason SelectionWhy this play at this time for this audience?Lots of readingoSelecting translations/editionsoCutting scripts (who wants a four-hour Hamlet??)oArchiving productions (helping the other departments gather info)oTranslatingoAdaptationoOften does developmental and production dramaturgy as well11-12-07Rehearsal for RevolutionAugusto Boals Theatre of the OppressedAugusto Boal (1931 present)Theatre director and theoristBorn and raised in Brazil...
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TD301 NOTES for EXAM 3 - 11-7-07Spotlight on Theatrical...

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