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Heather Williams February 28, 2008 Essay #2 Home and Heritage: Two Parts of the Same Whole? The concept of what home means is something that is unique for every person, yet has many similarities for everyone. It can be positive for some and negative for others -- like if they had an abusive home life or a positive one. Another multifaceted concept is heritage. These two notions interlace with each other on some occasions, helping to shape and define what each means. They cover a wide spectrum of ideas, and although they are sometimes interchangeable, home and heritage are different. Different places, events, people, and values can change or affect either one, helping in making the definition of home and heritage different for everyone. Home can be either abstract or literal. One definition of home can be summarized with the cliché that home is where the heart is. Some people view home as being with their family , no matter where that is. Others consider home to be the house where they live. One universal definition for home is “to be comfortable, at ease, secure in familiar surroundings.” (Beaty, Hunter 1.) At the end of the story “Sanchez”, by Richard Dokey, where Sanchez burned his house down, the villagers said “Believig that he had perished in the flames, several of the townspeople placed a marker next to the grave of his wife with his name on it. But, of course, on that score they were mistaken. Juan Sanchez had simply gone home.” (Dokey 36.) The reader can either interpret that he perished in the fire and returned home to his wife in the afterlife, or he returned to his homeland, Mexico. Both places could be considered his home, even though one is a person while the other is a place.
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English Essay #2 - Heather Williams Essay#2 Home and...

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