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H 3 C O Imine (aka Schiff Base) Products Formation if an Imine (Schiff Base) From an Aldehyde or Ketone Reacting with an Amine H Key Recognition Element (KRE): O H H NH 2 H 3 C Proton Transfer* O H H H Note: this last step might actually occur as two steps in some cases. * "Proton Transfer" refers to a situation in which a proton moves from one part of a molecule to another on the SAME MOLECULE. We do not draw arrows for proton transfer steps because that would be deceptive. In some cases, the same proton may move from one part of the molecule to the
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Unformatted text preview: other directly, but in other cases, solvent molecules may be involved as indicated in the following scheme. To make things even more interesting, the following two steps might even be reversed in some cases. Becuase of all the ambiguity, we just write "Proton Transfer" and do not bother with arrows. C H 3 C O H N CH 3 H H C H 3 C O H N CH 3 H H O H H H O H H C H 3 C O H N CH 3 H H H "Proton Transfer"...
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