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Bio Anth Unit 1

Bio Anth Unit 1 - Term Definition What were the steps of...

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Term: What were the steps of the road to anthropology? Definition: 1) French Enlightenment- emphasized science and reason, anticipated coming of social science such as psychology, sociology and anthropology 2) Discoveries in Palentology - rocks, fossils and artifacts, examined geological column of earth realized the earth was older than 6-7,000 years. Came to idea that species changed throughout time and became more complex. 3) Travels by nature- took voyages such as Thomas Huxley, Charles Darwin 4)Advances in Biology- compares and contrasts similar plants and animals. Came to thought that monkeys and humans had common ancestors 5) The Writings of Charles Darwin- "The Voyage of the Beagle"- did not use word revolution "On the Origin of Species"(1859) - said nothing about people evolving because of controversial subject "The Descent of Man" (1871)- did mention evolution of people "Autobiography"- published after death, but wife edited book 6) Idea of Linguistics & Anthropology - thinks with linguistics evolve also, there is a common language ("tree of languages") 7) During 1800's, part time naturalists became full time scientists -started to become biologists EXAMPLE: Darwin
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Term: Define Ponches Definition: 4 great apes Term: Who were Leake's 3 Angels?
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