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Quiz Questions - Term Definition These cells produce...

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Term: These cells produce antibodies when sensitized. They can be activated by either a T dependent or T independent pathway Definition: B cells Term: These cells are lymphocytes that target cancerous or viral infected cells and then destroy them using extracellular killing Definition: Natural Killer cells Term: These cells are phagocytic and will mature into macrophages as they migrate through tissue to the site of infection Definition: Monocytes Term: These cells produce histamine which causes vasodilation, they are found mobile in the bloodstream. They are often implicated in allergies Definition: Basophils Term: A class of cells that have inclusions of densely packed chemicals and irregularly shaped nuclei Definition: Granulocytes
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Term: These cells are phagocytic. They are the most prevalent immune cell, the first responders to infection, and only live 1-2 days Definition: Neutrophils Term: These cells have "many fates" and can develop into any of the many cells that make of the blood
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