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1. Write a paper that not only reports on the origins of these words and/or phrases, but says something about the relationship of your larger topic to American English today. Rebecca Taylor English 202B Essay 1- rough draft February 15, 2008 The Rise of the Theater I have been in love with the theater as a whole since I was around the age of 10 when I first saw a production of The Phantom of the Opera on television. I have seen many productions since that first encounter but learning the history of where this all came from makes my love of theater grow every day. The word theater can be dated back to around 1374, meaning “open air place in ancient times for viewing spectacles." It comes from the old French theatre in the 12 th century, also from Latin theatrum and from Greek theatron "theater," literally meaning "place for viewing,"
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Unformatted text preview: from theasthai "to behold" (cf. thea "a view," theates "spectator") + -tron , suffix denoting place. Meaning "building where plays are shown" (1577) was transferred to that of "plays, writing, production, the stage" (1668). Spelling with -re prevailed in Britain after c.1700, but Amer.Eng. retained or revived the older spelling in -er . Generic sense of "place of action" is from 1581; especially "region where war is being fought" (1914). Theatrical "pertaining to the theater" is recorded from 1558; in the sense of "stagy, histrionic" it is attested from 1709. Play -Meaning "dramatic performance" is attested from c.1325. Drama Tragedy Comedy Orchestra Performing arts Props Dialogue Musical theater Music Song Dance Playwright Actor Break a leg Dramatist Opera?...
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