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Nineteenth-Century Romantic Medievalism: A Family Tree (English 78, Dr. David Ross) A = Artist C = Critic N = Novelist Pl = Playwright P= Poet Homer Shakespeare Milton Etc. Roman Catholic Church Gothic Novel, 1765-Present Horace Walpole, N, 1717-1797 William Beckford, N, 1759-1844 Ann Radcliffe, N, 1764-1823 Matthew Lewis, N, 1775-1818 Charles Maturin, N, 1787-1824 Romanticism, 1790s-Present William Blake, Pt/P, 1757-1827 W. Wordsworth, P/C, 1770-1850 Walter Scott, 1771-1832 S.T. Coleridge, P/C, 1772-1834 Lord Byron, P, 1788-1824 Percy Shelley, P, 1792-1822 John Keats, P, 1795-1821. Mary Shelley, N, 1792-1851 Oxford Movement, 1830s (A movement to revive Catholic ritual and tradition in the Anglican Church) John Keble, 1792-1866 E.B. Pusey, 1800-1882 J.H. Newman, 1801-1890 Gothic Revival in Architecture Walpole’s Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, 1754-1794. Beckford’s Fonthill Abbey, Hindon, Wiltshire, 1796-1807. Houses of Parliament, London,
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