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prelude - aboude" aludes to the bible and the end of...

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Sheet1 prelude - book 6-8 book 6 college age alps conflictdangerous he knew when he made plans that his gaurdians would give him a hard time and he should study instead he wants to be close to nature thinking about untouched nature mightty forms-his imagination of the mountians the power of imagination that nature forms in his mind uses personification for nature saverian-very powerful / a monarch (personification of nature) europe is in an evenful time-revolution/french revolution wants to be close to france and the excitment sees FR as a good thing human nature seems to be born again was not as excited to be therehe imagined it to be greater then it was "a soulless image on the eye" says nature is like a book plain and universial meaning of mankind ppl can read it nature has a teaching function imaginationmind is bottomless a lot of drama "mind's abyss" imagination taking over for sense perception revolation of rhelm of sprit "greatness doth make
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Unformatted text preview: aboude. .." aludes to the bible and the end of time sees symboles of this in nature apocolips rebirth of mankind Page 1 Sheet1 BOOK 7 city-living in london con-citylife city is dark "fermintion mass of humankind" caotic crowdes of ppl and not knowing anyone "mysterious" sees a begger with a sgn around his neck tells his story of where he is from wordsworth says that all you can konw of humankind mind and externial evn. create symbols the parade/carnival is a symbol of what the city is ppls idenities get lost in this city-meaningless-opression at end says that if you have suficiant exposure to nature, nature will allow you to not be compleatly oppressed BOOK 8 his childhood there was a shepard that taught him to love nature shepard is more of a simple life respect for humanity consitant wiht his thories that he gives stature to shepard not kings Page 2...
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prelude - aboude" aludes to the bible and the end of...

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