we are seven

we are seven - man is more scientific while the girl uses...

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Sheet1 Page 1 WE ARE SEVEN four line stanza not the last line Rhyme Scheme ABAB CDCD dissonance 37-40 the use of numbers - the speaker uses and the girl tries to copy him difference of the man and girl sex age the way they look at death green graves suggest life and he argues like they are gone man uses math to show how they are dead wordsworth is sympathetic toward the girl-says why should a child know about death girl ends pem with we are seven
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Unformatted text preview: man is more scientific while the girl uses imagination and her feelings and that she is more concerned with sprit rather then values rhythem-1st stanza is not in rhythem & child and limb dont rhyme 4 taps of your foot for the 1st and 3rd line 3 taps for 2nd and 4th Baliad stanza ^ (that is called^^)- associated with folk songs and folk poems this reminded wordsworth of the common simple man...
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