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Sheet1 Page 1 a memorium AHH AHH was his closest friend and encouraged tennyson's writing. about 3 years covered. quatrain - ABBA In memorium stanza feels a progression in his feelings. things that come up: nature writings uses the image of a hand reaching out these help unify the poem POEM 7: Doors, where my heart was used to beat uses the image of a hand : clasping and touching uses hard sounds (D G B) light ia like his friend not being there. 199:00:00 same time of day as #7 but better outlook remembers his friend and take his 'hand' gradually recovering POEM 5: feels guilty for writing peoms can't give him justice or say how he really feels
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Unformatted text preview: mechanics of the poem are numbing O is a sound of sadness (in last stanza) POEM 8 : comparison of happy lover adn poet remmebering all the places he went with his friend flower is important b/c it was raised by the woman he is in love with flower is comparison for this writting / poetry his friend encouraged him to write his poetry. POEM 21: about writing poems of morning to his friend poeple come by and are critical of his poems should he be doing this now that there are social problems adn new discoveries he says its netural to grive like this and he has to do it POEM 48:...
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