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men of england - Iambic unstressed before stressed(17-20...

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Sheet1 Page 1 a song men of england - percy shelley message: calling on the working men of england to stop letting themselves be exploited by upper class. metaphore: illistrate working class to upperclass uses BEES Drones mate with the queen and workers work. D SOUND AFFECTS: WHAT DREW YOUR ATTENTION Clusters of sounds musical smooth juvinating - trying to presuade ppl Load sounding 5th and 6th stanza sound different harsh sounds failure of rhyme 1st stanza and last (framing) f SOUND DEVICES aabb Troceaic tetramator - stressed before unstressed (Beginning)
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Unformatted text preview: Iambic _ unstressed before stressed (17-20) lines 21-24 sound diff. (no meter) irregular meter regular stanza regular rhyme scheme long A sounds repetitive S - snake in a hole (contempt for workers-wants them rise up and take a stand) stops are harsh goes from questions to statments to command underlined by the shift in meter and tone most important pause is stanza 6 to get his point across makes this stand out - command line 27 is a pause - way to notice parts...
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